The Rise of Remote Work: Transforming the Accountancy Industry

Over the past decade, remote working has been on the rise, and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly accelerated this trend through the necessity to keep businesses running in lockdown and during a socially distanced return to work. In the UK, accountancy practices have been no exception. In fact, many practices have now moved to a remote or hybrid working model since restrictions eased, which has allowed them to remain competitive, attract new talent, and better serve their clients.

Expanded Talent pool

One of the key benefits of remote work for businesses is the ability to tap into a wider talent pool. When a business is restricted to hiring employees who are located in a specific geographic location, they may miss out on qualified candidates who live outside of that area. This can be especially problematic for businesses located in rural areas or those with a smaller population, where the pool of potential employees may be limited.

With remote work, businesses are no longer restricted and can instead hire employees from all over the world, regardless of where they are based. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that require specialised skills or expertise that may be hard to find locally. For example, by offering remote work options, a business that specialises in software development can expand their talent pool to include developers who live in other parts of the country to help ensure they can hire the most qualified candidates for the job.

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