300,000 tax credits customers yet to renew claims a week before deadline: HMRC

With the 31 July deadline looming, more than 300,000 tax credits customers have just over one week to renew their claims, HMRC reports.

There’s less than a week to go before tax credits claims reset, and HM Revenue and Tax (HMRC) is urging anyone who has not done so to lodge their renewals now, or risk a disruption in payments.

Over 300,000 claims have yet to be renewed.

This year, about 28,000 customers have used the official HMRC smartphone app to renew their tax credits. Renewing via gov.uk was also a recommended route, with Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s director general for customer services, warning customers not to leave it till the last minute.

“There is just one week left to renew your claim – don’t delay and do it online by searching ‘tax credits’ on GOV.UK,” she said.

Lodging a claim through the app or website will allow recipients of tax credits to monitor the progress of their renewal, but claims can still be renewed by calling the tax credits helpline or by mailing in a printed form.

COVID may have complicated some people’s working arrangements this year, but HMRC advised that they do not need to be updated regarding temporary falls in a person’s working hours as a result of the pandemic.

They still require to be notified of any adjustment in living arrangements, childcare, permanent working hours, and income.

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